katariina raike


  • CEO and Founder of Building Positive Relationships, Katariina Raike Oy
  • Marriage Mentor, Relationship Coach
  • MBA
  • PCC, CLC: Robbins Madanes Institute
  • Relationship studies: The Gottman Institute
  • Passion for helping women to transform their marriage into the healthiest relationship they’ve ever had and to live their best life.
  • Mother
  • Almost divorced…
  • Brought back love, passion and FUN after 10 years of marriage

Now happily married for over fifteen years, madly in love and living my best life while running a successful business.

I have always wanted to develop myself and grow in all areas of life.

I have studied a lot, and collected information from the best of the world, in the fields  of business, personal growth as well as psychology, relationships and marriage.

BUT I wasn’t able to notice how my own marriage was heading into problems… I was contemplating divorce daily, and I had not felt anything for my husband for quite some time.  We wanted to try marriage counselling, and it did bring some relief for a while. But when the same problems started to arise AGAIN, I decided to look for solutions. I was determined to do whatever it would take to save our marriage.  With or without my husband’s support.

I studied countless methods, tested them, I attended self-development seminars, read psychology, studied methods used in marriage counselling,  and learned communication skills. After evaluation and testing the various tools and methods for YEARS first on myself and then with my friends and clients, I now know exactly what works. And what surprised even myself, is that some of the needed shifts are exactly the opposite of what you normally hear when it comes to marriage advice!

Now I want to share them with you so that you can make the changes needed to start feeling that connection and togetherness in your own marriage, starting today.

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